Tops Tips for Getting the Most Out of Outdoor Speakers

Posted on: 9 April 2021


Even the most sheltered soul appreciates the soft breeze that the outdoors has to offer. Therefore, homeowners must make their outdoor space as inviting and relaxing as possible. One way of doing it is installing outdoor speakers, especially if music is an essential part of your summer fun. For example, installing the right outdoor speakers make it easier to enjoy your favourite tunes from your patio. That said, every homeowner should get the most out of their outdoor speakers, as highlighted in this article.

Use Several Smaller Speakers

When playing music via a stereo system indoors, a single set of speakers with the correct amplification will play the decibels you need. However, the same cannot be said of the outdoor environment for various reasons. First, you have to consider outdoor noise, which tends to drown sound produced by the speakers. Secondly, people constantly move around in an outdoor setting, which means a few sweet spots to enjoy music.

The best way to enjoy music on a patio with outdoor speakers is to even the sound. You need several smaller speakers, instead of a few large ones, which should be installed strategically in various spots in your backyard. Thus, guests can choose to sit or stand anywhere and still enjoy high-quality music from speakers.

Position Speakers to Face Downwards

Speaker positioning also determines the quality of sound produced. Ideally, you are more likely to hear crisp and clear sounds if your outdoor speakers point downwards. It is particularly the case for speakers installed at elevated sites. The position allows enhanced sound projection towards guests on a patio or a deck. If speakers point directly forward, the chances are high that the sound will get distorted by the wind, and you will struggle to hear anything. Another benefit of pointing outdoor speakers downwards is preventing rainwater from accumulating on speaker casings, even for the waterproof type.

Keep Sound Within Your Space

If you have ample outdoor space, you need not worry about speaker sound bleeding into your neighbour's space. However, small outdoor spaces require proper speaker placement to avoid unnecessary disturbances. Therefore, you should place speakers around your home's perimeter facing the house. This way, speakers will project the sound inwards rather than outwards, preventing noise from bleeding across your fence. If you do not want speakers to be visible but still prefer quality sound within your backyard, conceal the devices in the garden or shrubs.

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